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Transformational Healing
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We are SO busy these days & time goes by SO quickly. 

I want to "Work smarter, not harder". 

With my 25+ years of therapist experience, I want to help you get months' worth of therapy benefits in brief encounters: speaking at your event, running a retreat or briefly coaching you.

There's no time to

  • keep suffering emotionally,

  • settling for 'ok' relationships

  • not being your best self

  • feeling disconnection

  • feeling lost

  • and guessing on what to do.

    Give yourself a gift of a lifetime...for an amazing lifetime!

Thrive NOW!

 - J. Vicky Laszlo, MSW

A woman in red shirt and striped pants standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, looking up at the iconic landmark.

Hope And Healing Journeys Retreats

~~~ If the link doesn't work: we don't have a current retreat planned ~~~

A woman in a transparent body adorned with blooming flowers, creating a whimsical and ethereal sight.
an outline of hands hugging a heart

Self-love Women's
-Week long - 

A couple holding hands and smiling at each other, showing affection and love, making their partner feel special.
an outline of a couple with a heart over their heads

Couple's Retreats

Your Next Retreat Here

A cozy room with a hammock hanging from a tree, providing a serene and relaxing atmosphere.
an outline of a person in a meditation pose

1-day; local 

A woman in a denim shirt embraces her boyfriend, smiling warmly.
an outline of a smaller hand inside a bigger hand with hearts surrounding them

ChillFam Escape:
Bond With Your Teen Retreats

A man standing on a clock holding a red balloon.
an outline of a brain with a messy inside

UNPLUG... just for a day
Teen Day Retreats

A diverse group of individuals sitting in a circle with their hands raised in a meeting.
an outline of a lotus flower

Elevate Your Recovery Retreats

Army Boots
an outline of a soldier

Hero's Journey
First Responder & Military Focused Retreats

A woman with afro hair sitting on a couch, holding a cup of coffee.
an outline of the words level up inside of an arrow

Care for the Caregiver

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
an outline of  a brain with a messy inside

You imagine it: we create it  
A retreat just for you
or your group

A woman in a hat stands amidst a vibrant field of sunflowers, basking in the beauty of nature's golden blooms.

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