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Hero's Journey

You serve or served the public/the country, you're amazing

personal life...that's different 

Keep thriving

Keep growing

Keep or sculpt what you dreamed of




Inner Peace

Healing Legacy






Poster for the movie "American Sniper": A close-up of a determined Bradley Cooper holding a sniper rifle, against a backdrop of an American flag.

Are You Ready for Sculpting the Life you want?


Why First Responder & Military-themed Retreats?

This is about personalized care to those that have different experiences from the general public: be it active, reserve or discharged servicemen, first responders, their families, spouses, children & friends.

Connect with people like you; who get you; who relate to you.

Topics, discussions, strategies & healing techniques research based to give you the most benefit & quickest results.

Image of diverse group of healthcare professionals in scrubs, standing together with a star symbol above them.

Here’s what you’ll experience on our Retreat

connect with
like minded


sooth your
nervous system

learn something new

get physically activity

get some healing

Green Suburb

Pick Your Favorite Poison

all for one - one for all

Join us for one. Join us for all

A group of men walking down a path in the woods, surrounded by tall trees and dappled sunlight.

Walk & Talk

@ D&R Canal State Park
Princeton, NJ

All day

Power of Healing

Day of learning:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Trauma Healing Techniques

(for you or for whoever u want to help)

Military men meditating in a circle, fostering inner peace and mindfulness.
A collage of various icons and symbols representing different life goals.

Accountability Group:
Goal Setting & Follow Through

Once a month group

whose focus is to help each member

stay focused on accomplishing

ones life's goals

This includes learning the skills to do it

A diverse group of individuals gathered around a table, with the American flag proudly displayed in the background.

Inner circle:
Military & First responder spouses/significant other 
social support group

Once a month group

whose focus is to provide support for each other 

& create a community with like-minded, like-experiencing individuals

Together, we can handle everything 

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