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About Me

I've been a therapist for over 25 years.
That's over 50,000 hours of sitting face-to-face with people like you, people like me.

All walks of life, all sorts of experiences, all sorts of stories ... same commonly repeating themes ... repeating heavy hurts on their hearts that prevented them from living to their fullest potential.

I also worked on healing my own hurts, so I get what it feels like to take on this journey .

A smiling woman in a red dress and glasses.

Let’s Create the Life of Your Dreams

Photograph of Milan by Julie Kaufman, showcasing the city's iconic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere.
Photograph of Milan by Julie Kaufman, showcasing the city's iconic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere.
A woman riding an elephant on a dirt road.

I created these retreats out of my love for emotional healing and travel. I don't want people to spend years in therapy to work on their issues. I want to speed up this process. For you to enjoy your life NOW. To enjoy feeling your best self: in peace, connection, internal calm, with joy, laughter and life success.  I want you to come for one week, yet  move 6 months forward.

By giving yourself this time, participating in the workshops, having me as your guide: we will do magic!

White Sheet

 Joint Ventures

Ask & you shall receive (Want complementary type individuals to create joint ventures with)

Put out into the world your wishes & like minded people  find each other

Our collaborations happened through shared interests, passions & good old-fashioned networking:

J. Vicky Laszlo - Hope & Healing Journeys, East Brunswick, NJ

Honorata Pierwola - Europe Travel & Services in South River, NJ

Joanna Jozefiak - brandmed, Slubice, Poland

 couple's retreat: Mary from Simply Mary'ed Travel, East Brunswick, NJ

day retreats: 4 Elements Wellness, Princeton, NJ

Karen Wittington - Reiki Master, Energy Healer, TRE trainee

Janet Long - Yoga instructor

Jessie Kaur - Four Healing Walls - Sound Healing

Reach out to me if you want to join in

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