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Revitalize your Relationship, Deepen your Connection,
& Re-ignite your Passion 
without career stress, kids, distractions & life interruptions


 Intimate Love: Couple's Retreat

in Exotic Jamaica

September 18-22, 2024

Immerse yourself in our unforgettable

Limited to 8 couples.
To allow you for
personalized experience

Flyer for Jamaica retreat featuring palm trees, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. Join us for a rejuvenating experience!

*deposit is refundable within 2 weeks; 
the personalized Gottman Assessment
is still yours to keep as our gift 

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Green Suburb

Planned Itinerary

* details subject to change - to enhance your experience even more

A luxurious resort featuring a pool and beach area, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the sun and sea.

Exploration & Understanding

Day 1: 
Shuttle service: pick up at the airport
Arrivals + Check in


Afternoon Welcome Event
full of surprises & fun

**Set up on the beach

Couples have Dinner at their Leisure

Foundations of Connection

Day 2: 

Couples have breakfast at their leisure 

Beach yoga session

 Morning Workshop: 

Topic: How to Bullet Proof relationship

Each couple reviews your personalized Check-up analysis
(strengths & challenges)



Afternoon Workshop:

Topic: Communication & conflict resolution

+ 4 relationship styles that kill relationship closeness

+handling anger constructively

Evening Surprise Event

A picturesque waterfall flowing through a lush jungle, surrounded by vibrant greenery and tall trees.

Healing & Growth

A sandy beach with picnic tables and colorful umbrellas providing shade on a sunny day.

Day 3: 

Couples have breakfast at their leisure

Morning Workshop

Topic: Healing resentments,
hurts, fears, rejections


3pm  Excursion to Dunn's River Falls + Lunch


Evening: Fire Circle Ceremony

The sun sets over the ocean, casting a warm glow on the tranquil waters and reflecting in a pool at sunset.

Day 4: 

Couples have breakfast at their leisure

Beach yoga session

Morning workshop:  

Topic: Body Image & Connection:

Optional Sunset Dinner Cruise


Day 5: 

Goodbye Ceremony


Integration & Celebration

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Here’s what you’ll experience on the Retreat.

Prior to trip, take the Gottman Assessment

Relationship Check-up

to know your strengths 

& areas to work on

Practice Calming your nervous system:

Connect with 


Grow your



daily workshops  



Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise

Deepen your connection: 

physical, emotional

& sexual

Spend plenty of

1:1 time

practice couple's massage on each other

or purchase one @ spa

Don't forget to have fun & enjoy the 
AMAZING resort

The Accommodations

We'll be staying at the incredible Wellness Resort
in the most desirable part of Jamaica 


I picked this resort to give you all the Luxury you deserve

This being my furthest retreat: Resort will provide what they do best

I will provide what I do best :) 

Tucked away on its own private beach and in the upscale Rose Hall neighborhood, Zoëtry® Montego Bay Jamaica

is an iconic island paradise with a laid-back Caribbean casual atmosphere. With only 49 luxury suites and rooms, it is

the five-star boutique resort of choice for delivering personalized service, luxury amenities and enriching experiences

nspired by the colors, sounds and tastes of Jamaica. The unique architecture of the three main buildings –

Wood & Water, Bamboo and Blue Mountain – is our nod to Jamaica’s ecological tapestry, commitment to

guests’ well-being and bringing harmony and beauty of nature to this coastal setting.


Airport transfers

Luxury Accommodation


All inclusive food & drinks

Memories & friendships of a lifetime

Not Included

but available for purchase as part of this package

Excursions - available for additional cost 

Extra spa services - above the $200 credit 

Additional days you take to extend your stay
(but feel free to add)

If regular vacations don't feel fully fulfilling
Join me in this deep immersive journey
Where you're not only thinking about love & connection,
but actually feeling & receiving

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You're Invited to Join Us

September 18-22, 2024

in Tropical Jamaica

your investment: 
$3,496.67 USD

Full Transparency Price Breakdown: 

All inclusive

  • 4 night stay for a couple (including transfers to the hotel)- $2,496.67
    booked through our travel agent (link below)



at additional cost:

     *sunset dinner cruise
    *hike to Dunhams Falls

(prices on hotel booking site)


Save Your Place with a & $500 Refundable* Deposit.

Clain Your Place.

*deposit is refundable within 2 weeks 
the personalized Gottman Assessment
is still yours to keep as our gift 

Get the 
See below for info

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White Sheet



the trip

Take the 

Relationship checkup: standard Gotham assessment. Two people sitting across from each other, discussing their relationship.

* included in your $500 deposit

E-mail  me below to set up

A diagram illustrating the components of a healthy relationship, including communication, trust, respect, and support.

Retreat will focus

 on strengthening these

A man and woman reviewing a clipboard together.

Take assessment
before June 1
& get FREE
1:1 review session
with Vicky prior
to the retreat
($175 value)

A family of three gathered around a laptop, smiling and looking at the screen together.

That he can
predict with

if a married
couple will
still be
married in

A couple sitting at a table, looking at a laptop and papers, discussing their finances.

Not ready to book the trip but want the assessment?
E-mail me to discuss options

A couple reviewing a personal tax return together.

Are you ready to Level- up your relationship?


What is the Couple's Retreat About?

The garden you water is the one that will grow.

Let's grow a deeper connection, understanding,  & deep satisfaction in your relationship

Come nurture your relationship with us

...but not just nurture it in a random way, but in
SCIENTIFICALLY proven way: using the Gottman method

All while having an amazing vacation at an incredible Wellness Resort

which will pamper you in every way.
You deserve the best.

A visual representation of a flower being watered, symbolizing the importance of nurturing relationships for growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

My husband is an introvert. Is this retreat going to work for us?
 Absolutely! The workshops are tailored in such a way that everyone will be comfortable. Although we will be in a group,
you will always be with each other as a couple. You can interact with others to your comfort level. Besides the workshop, 
       you are welcome to spend time with only each other if you prefer or with the other couples. This is the beauty of this resort -     there's something for everyone on the grounds or excursion off the r

We're a very private couple. How do you handle sharing? I really don't want to air our business in public.
     Great question. The intent of the workshops is to shine light on the topics, add information and get you thinking about them
      deeper. The group discussions will be at people's comfort level. The deeper work, you will do only with each other as we
      break out into your dyads. I will come around to support each group, but you will have plenty of opportunity to have the
      deeper discussions private to each other. 

How do I know what's real on the internet? There are so many scams. How do I know what's true & if this retreat is real? 
     This wasn't a specific question for me, but is a common question on retreat Facebook groups. It's a very valid & real
      question & I wanted to include it here. I don't have a bullet proof answer. Some of the way I show you my authenticity is to
      see my therapy office practice (link is in my bio). You can see I'm a real New Jersey therapist, you can verify my licenses &
      years of having them. Even there, you will not see much in terms of reviews. Therapy is a private thing & it's an actual
     ethical dilemma for me to ask my clients to write public reviews identifying them as my clients. Some people have chosen to
     because they are comfortable with it. I don't ask them. I am trying to run local day retreats to get you reviews of people who
     have experienced me as a therapist. This part will take a bit of time - not enough for this retreat. I am also holding this
     retreat at an amazing famous resort - so your only risk is my fee of $1000. This fee will also change as my retreats will get
     more reviews - so you're getting in on a bargain. If you'd like, you can also schedule a call with me to talk in person via
    video. You can also put a deposit in, take the Gottman Relationship Survey now before June 1 & get a free session with me.
    If all that happens within 2 weeks of your deposit AND you don't think this trip would benefit you: you get your deposit back
    AND you keep the assessment & had 1 free session. I'd say that's me being pretty generous to ask for your risk to trust my
    skills. With this, I invite you to join in this special retreat :)


We look forward to meeting you in Jamaica.

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