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Inner Peace: Conquering Anxiety
 WELLNESS Retreat 


busy life doesn't mean neglecting yourself

Step into your serenity and renewal
Join our transformative retreat and unlock the path to a revitalized YOU











Reinvent self

Flyer for junior peace conquering activity, featuring colorful illustrations of children holding hands under a rainbow.

Register below or Call Now to book it: 1(888)641-4325


Two women smiling in front of an orange background, representing joy and friendship.

For more information on our venue & directions:

-please arrive at venue @ 9:45 to ease        into the morning-We will start promptly @ 10am- wear comfortable attire 
-wear comfortable clothes

Your Investment
in yourself:


Imagine the feeling you have
when your anxiety melts away.

Imagine learning
how to make that feeling last.

THAT is what you can expect
from this event

We will soothe your nervous system with:
- meditation
- sharing circle
-workshop on
 various types of anxieties
and specific effective strategies for each type
-strategize interventions for your anxiety type
- get reiki & energy healing

-  sound healing
All, of course, held in the amazing salt room of  
                              4 Elements Wellness Center in Princeton, NJ                                      ...   a   healing treat in itself

Leave, refreshed, rejuvenated, calm and ready to take on the world 

Tax Tip: This event counts as
medical expense on taxes

Here’s what you’ll experience on the Retreat.

Practice Meditation which sooths your nervous system

Sharing Circle

Learn new things, coping skills, and strategies

Release through movement,

sound healing

& Tension Release Exercises

Build connections with like minded individuals

Why themed Retreats?

A scenic mountain road at night, illuminated by lights, with a starry sky above.
  • Specialized and focused experience

    •  dive deep into a specific aspect of self-improvement

    • target precise areas of personal growth
      &/or skill development.

    • targeted strategies to chosen topics

  • Community Building:

    • shared interests build deeper & stronger  connection

    • camaraderie: you are not alone in this issue

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